Stories from the Stores Project Update 1

Audit reaches 4000 objects
By Rachel Smith, Curator – Social History & World Cultures

The first stage of the project is to audit all of the Social History collection to work out exactly what we have got. We’ve been busy in the main Social History store and found some intriguing curiosities while going through the objects. As well as a microphone that was used by King George VI to talk to the people of Plymouth, there is an entire Tudor ceiling in pieces and a knitted breakfast!

Tabitha looking through our stores
Curator Tabitha Cadbury looking through a collection of decorative pole heads used by village Friendly Societies. The brass emblems chosen to represent each society would have been attached to the top of a staff.

Thanks to the help of volunteers and other members of staff, progress has been good and we have audited more than 4000 objects already.

Rachel working on the audit spreadsheet
Curator Rachel Smith adds new records to the huge audit spreadsheet.

We will be looking for more volunteers to help with the next stages of the project, so keep an eye on the museum volunteer page for new opportunities.


2 thoughts on “Stories from the Stores Project Update 1”

  1. Hello Plymouth. Is there any way of obtaining a list of the Friendly Society Brass Pole Heads
    in your collection? Any information would be most welcome. Regards. Phillip Hoyland. Burnham. Somerset.

    1. Hi Philip. Thanks for your comment, I have checked with our curator and we have around 120 Friendly Society pole heads. One of our Social History curators will be in touch by email in due course, with some more information. Hope that helps.
      Best wishes, Fiona.

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