Audit reaches object number 5000: record sleeve

Towards the end of last year we had recorded 4000 objects and during March we reached the 5000 mark. I began volunteering in the middle of December so it’s been a great experience being part of this progress and surprising how little time it’s taken to go through around 1000 objects!

Record sleeve c.1930s, from Tulley Music Warehouse
Record sleeve c.1930s, from Tulley Music Warehouse

This record sleeve was a great object to reach this landmark with, especially when you consider what is happening to high street music shops at the moment. The sleeve dates from the 1930’s or earlier. It would have been individual to the shop and used for all the records that it sold, as opposed to the unique album sleeves we see today. We can also see on the left the old logo for His Master’s Voice (HMV) which made records and gramophones from the late 19th century onwards. Interestingly 10 Ebrington Street, where Tulley Music Warehouse was, is just down the road from Drake Circus where the current HMV store is. As the company has unfortunately gone into administration this artefact is a humble reminder of a by-gone era of buying music on the high street and not on our computers.


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