What’s in the store?

By Fiona Booth, Collections Information Officer

I was recently in our stores, photographing some of our social history objects, and what a varied collection it is! We have all sorts of ‘everyday’ items from vacuum cleaners to games, and brightly coloured Bovril jars of which I had never seen the like before.

The photography itself was a challenge in our stores. In an ideal world we would have a studio with lots of space. But even if we did, it depends on the objects and how fragile they are. So quite often we photograph the object in store instead.

Photographing the pram proved the trickiest – quite a feat to get this into enough space ! You can see in the images below how the photography was set up. Often it’s about improvising with the space and the kit that we have.

Part of the Stories from the Stores project is to improve our documentation, and so staff and volunteers will be taking photographs of the objects whilst they are in the exhibition. The challenge is to get the objects into the gallery in the first place, but it will hopefully mean that photographing them is easier.

I have added my photographs to our collections database, and these records are published online. There are only 15 records from this collection so far (and three of these are parts of a ‘Teasmade’). You can see what our current records look like, and over the course of the project more records will be added to and updated. This will result in better access to information about this fascinating collection.


One thought on “What’s in the store?”

  1. Whilst recently working in the Stories from the Stores gallery, the strangest thing I came across while doing some photography of objects was………….false teeth!!!!! Yes, real false teeth! That started a discussion which was funny and not really that pleasant!

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