Designing the Cottonian

Taster One
Taster One

As one part of the design team working with the Young Explainers project this year it’s exciting to share a bit of what we have been working away on. We started with the word ‘Unweaving’ and this idea of unraveling the history of the Cottonian Collection.

We, the design team, are a couple of students from Plymouth University studying Graphic Communication with Typography (I’m Luke Pitcher and my colleague is Lauren-Jean Ratcliffe).

One of the focuses of our course is the use of type. This has aided us to bring a bold and contemporary typographic style to the design work in this project, whilst at the same time respectful of the collection.

We are also aware that any developments in the collections future need to be well thought-out. Due to this we have to consider how the work we are creating now could link into any future designs. We don’t want to show too much just yet, but here’s a tiny little snippet to give you a taster of things to come…

Taster Two
Taster Two

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