Toy stories – can you help?

One of the key messages from the exhibition was that visitors thought we ought to have more toys and games in the collection. We do have a few Victorian examples and we recently added to our collection of early 20th century board games, but we don’t have much from recent decades.

You told us that you enjoyed seeing Social History objects that were within living memory. So now we need your help to fill the gaps!

We are especially interested in toys that were popular at the time and toys that span the decades such as Lego, yo-yos and Barbie dolls. Toys that relate to popular culture of the era would be very welcome, such as space toys from the 1960s, or those with a film/television connection, such as He-Man figures.

Most visitors to Stories from the Stores told us that they preferred objects to have a local connection, so if you grew up in Plymouth your toys are of greater interest. We also want you to be able to tell us something about them, like who used them, whether they were a favourite toy, whether you were the first one of friends to own one etc. However, whilst we don’t want toys that were never played with, any that are falling apart will not be suitable.

Please bring your toys to the museum for assessment or come along for a chat on Tuesday 2 September 11am – 1pm.

Or email Please attach a digital photograph if possible.


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