Uncollected object enquiries project

By Florence Morgan-Richards, Project Assistant

Following on from our Stories from the Stores project we are looking at all the objects in the stores which are not part of the Social History collection. Over the years many local people have brought objects into the Museum for identification and loan. Some of these objects never found their way back to their owners even though they are clearly of historical or sentimental value. Other people have kindly donated objects but no official transfer of ownership took place so we cannot formally accession them.

We want to make sure that everything in the stores is owned by the Museum, and to return objects which are not of local significance or of which we have other examples. Some of these objects which were brought in are of such importance to the history of Plymouth that we feel they should be in our collection, but of course we would first need the owners to transfer ownership to the Museum.

We have been trying to trace the owners of the objects to request they transfer ownership to us or to return the object to them. In most cases several attempts have already been made to contact people but without success. Many people have so far collected their objects or transferred title and we appreciate their help in this process. Other people we have been unable as yet to trace.

Please look through the images of the objects in the attached PDFs and let us know if you think any might be yours. These items are as diverse as Neolithic stone arrowheads, a Plymouth Gin ashtray, a sixteenth century bell, Second World War ration books, a magic lantern and many other objects besides.

Please contact Florence Morgan-Richards by Tuesday 14th April on 01752 308871, 01752 304774 or via email on florence.morgan-richards@plymouth.gov.uk.


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