Plymouth Seafront – can you date this photo?

Plymouth Seafront
© Plymouth City Council (Arts & Heritage)

We continue our series of photo mysteries with this rather lovely photograph of Plymouth seafront.

It looks like the crowds are out making the most of the weather – though there don’t appear to be many in the sea, so perhaps it was too early for that!

We don’t have a date for this particular photograph so would be pleased if anyone can help. Things we have noted which could help with the dating are:

  • Smeaton’s Tower has stripes
  • The Pier is in the background (though we aren’t sure if this is before or after it was damaged)
  • There appears to be a slide from the top of the Tinside Lido structure

Any suggestions welcome…..

All this work helps towards plans for our redevelopment – you can head over to the Love Our Past news section to find out the latest on the developments.


One thought on “Plymouth Seafront – can you date this photo?”

  1. There was a lot of discussion on various Facebook pages as to the era. Some thought it could be “the day Sir Francis Chichester completed his solo circumnavigation in 1967. The crowds that came out to cheer were everywhere.” Others suggested crowds in 1947 due to the hot weather or suggested the return of HMS Amethyst after the Yangtze River incident. Or as one person pointed out, crowds were not unusual on the hoe as it was easy to head there in a time when cars were unaffordable.

    A number of people thought it looked like a 1930s shot. As the pier (or remains of it) are in the background – that would make it 1950s or earlier. We then narrowed it further to pre-1941 as the bandstand is still visible, then to pre-1937 thanks to Plymouth History Appreciation Society facebook page, as the lighthouse stripes were painted over in 1937.

    It could also be before The Lido was built (it opened nearly 80 years ago, on 12th September 1935). It’s a bit tricky to tell – but it could be pre-Lido similar to this:

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed – the date has been updated to ‘pre-1937’ on our database, until we can verify it further!

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