Can you identify this Plymouth school?

It’s back to school for many, so we thought this topic would be a good one to jog some memories!

Not one, but two photographs this time. They were catalogued consecutively, which means they are likely to be the same school – but you can never be too sure!

Our volunteer Madeleine had a look at these two photographs but she couldn’t identify the school, and neither can we.  If anyone was lucky enough (or unlucky depending on the weather!) to remember using this outdoor swimming pool, we’d love to hear from you.

The photographs are from the City Engineers collection, which covers the post-war redevelopment of the city centre as well as new suburbs. Unfortunately no date was recorded with these items, but we would guess they were taken in the early 1960’s. We’re sure there are some ex-pupils of this school who can enlighten us!

All this work helps towards plans for our redevelopment – you can head over to the Love Our Past news section to find out the latest on the developments.


3 thoughts on “Can you identify this Plymouth school?”

  1. This pool was freezing!We had to line up, go through the footbath ,up the steps and straight in one after the other.No one dared refuse!We had the white polystyrene floats to hold onto and Mrs.Houston was the swimming teacher.The first achievement was to gain your 12yards certificate.We also had the opportunity to gain badges in life saving,preliminary,advanced and bronze,I think.Again,Mrs.Houston was the teacher.I was in the juniors in the late 1960’s when Mr Taylor was the HeadTeacher.It was an excellent school.Karen

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