Photo Detectives

Can you help us to solve some of these local mysteries?

Over the last number of years, we’ve run a number of projects to digitise our historic photographic collections. Our aim is to make more of our collections accessible to the public. We’ve already published photographs from our City Engineers, Rugg Monk and Palmer collections which concentrate largely on pre- and post-war Plymouth.

Since then we’ve continued to work through other collections, to digitise them and record them on the database. More work is often needed to identify items that don’t have as much information with them. This is where we’re grateful to our volunteers who spend time working with us to try and identify photographs. Plus more information has been given to us as a result of public knowledge.

There are some photographs that still remain a mystery, so we thought we’d see if you can help! Some of the photographs need date, location or subject information. Even if you can’t identify them, hopefully you’ll enjoy browsing. We’ll be asking for help over social media too, and any information will get added back onto this blog (and of course, our database).

Here’s one we managed to solve earlier…

© Plymouth City Council (Arts & Heritage)
© Plymouth City Council (Arts & Heritage)

Keep an eye out for images we need your help with…

If this has whetted your appetite for more Plymouth and Devon related history, then why not visit the Love Our Past site? You’ll find all sorts of information about our plans to transform our Museum into a new cultural centre which is due to open in 2020.


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