Build Update, 18 October 2017: The tower crane goes up

by Jo Clarke, Marketing and Communications Officer

I’ve come across a few images this month that show the construction site from different vantage points to the ones I take photos from so I thought I’d start this post by sharing them. The first couple were taken by a colleague during a hard hat tour in mid-September. The third image was taken by our film production company when they were setting up a camera on site at the end of September.

The images help give a better understanding of the size of the space where our extension will be built. In the third image you can also really see the progress that has been made with the reduced level dig.

The Box Construction Site 19 September 2017

The Box Construction Site 19 September 2017

The Box Construction Site 29 September 2017

The most visible change on site since our last #BuildUpdate has been the addition of a tower crane.

Tower cranes are a common fixture at most major construction sites. Rising high into the air and reaching out just as far, they’re pretty hard to miss! There’s a great deal of regeneration taking place in Plymouth at the moment so there are a few of these currently dotted around the city’s skyline. Here are a couple of images of ours. The first was taken from the bottom end of Tavistock Place. The second was taken from Chapel Lane.

Tower crane on site at The Box, October 2017

Tower crane on site at The Box, October 2017

Our tower crane measures 40 metres high and took a few days to assemble when it was delivered to site. If you’re standing in the North Hill/Drake Circus area it’s clearly visible above all the rooftops. The construction crew will use it to lift a range of heavy building materials that are needed for our extension. You can find out more in this video clip.

Thanks to Willmott Dixon for their help with making this short video. We’ll be back next month with another building and construction round up.