Moving forward

By Jo Clarke, Marketing and Programme Development Officer

Hi there – it’s been another busy week on the ‘Artists Make Faces’ project here at the City Museum and Art Gallery.

Some of my colleagues have been working with Monika Kinley, the curator for ‘Artists Make Faces’, to finalise the layout of the show. They’ve also been sorting out image permissions and audio resources.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working with our graphic designer, Nathan Gale, to firm up the visual identity for the exhibition. He’s done a great job. We’ve just sent lamppost and building banners off into production. Posters and adverts are next on the list!

I’m also finalising a website for the show. As always, we’re getting great support from the web team at Plymouth City Council on this. I’ve also been working with a local writer called Simon Bayliss who’s produced a series of biographies for us about each of the artists featured in the exhibition. The work he’s so speedily done will make great content for the website and will also be available to visitors as part of the interpretion for the show. Thanks Simon!

Finally, I’ve been doing lots of stuff on the social networks too. A big thank you to everyone who has retweeted about the exhibition so far and is helping us to spread the word.

I’ll be back next week with another update. Take care until then,


A detail from the lead image for ‘Artists Make Faces’:
‘Napoleon and his Daughters’, 1975 by Sava Sekulic © Whitworth Art Gallery


The start of a busy campaign

By Jo Clarke, Marketing and Programme Development Officer

Hi there – I’m Jo, the Marketing and Programme Development Officer for Plymouth City Council’s Arts and Heritage service. My role includes promotional activities and event coordination for the City Museum and Art Gallery, Smeaton’s Tower, the Elizabethan House and the Merchant’s House.

We’ve got a really significant art exhibition coming up in the Autumn called ‘Artists Make Faces’. There are more than 50 works of art coming to Plymouth from national loan institutions such as tate, National Galleries of Scotland and the Whitworth Art Gallery. A show like this needs a huge amount of time and resource from the staff here at the Museum and Art Gallery and we’ve got a lot of work to do between now and 21 September when it opens to the public!

I’ve just finished producing an exhibition of my own (‘Nancy: The Life and Times of Lady Astor’ – on display until 12 October). Now this has opened, my main priority is the marketing and events campaign for ‘Artists Make Faces’. We have a plan in place and we’re adding to it all the time.

The things I’ve managed to achieve over the last few days include: selecting a lead image for the show, briefing a graphic designer to come up with a visual identity, firming up a number of our related events, sourcing quotes for PR and AA signage, drafting a letter about the exhibition to be sent to stakeholders, setting up a web page, drawing up a navigation plan for a dedicated micro-site and starting this blog!

The exhibition will be delivered with Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University. We’ve worked with them on Sir Joshua Reynolds and Scott of the Antarctic projects in the past as well as British Art Show 7. It’s going to be really good to work with them again.

The show is being curated by Monika Kinley OBE.

I’ll try and post regularly on here as things develop with the exhibition and hope you’ll find this insight into how a show comes together interesting.

Until the next time. Best wishes,